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Updated: Apr 24

Have you ever written down all of the things you are thankful for and grateful for?

Do you write in a journal each day, or maybe you tell yourself things that made you grateful.

It has been shown that by practising a gratitude journal, or by simply writing a list of things that you thankful for increases your health and wellbeing by 25%.

Think of it as writing down your gifts, your qualities, all of the things that bring you joy and you will soon find more and more reasons to add to your list.

Finding more things that light you up, that nourish your soul and bring you joy.

Little things gratitude Meditation

Sitting comfortably close your eyes or just have some quiet contemplation and taking a deep breath, in and releasing your breath out.

Bring to mind all the little things that make up your life, now ask yourself;

3 things that have made you smile today

3 things that have made you smile this week

3 memories that make you smile overtime you think of them

Now open your eyes and feel the smile you have.

This 3 min mindful meditation simply allows you to focus on your breath, and being grateful for everything you already have right here and right now.

Take some time to write down your feelings and thoughts and focus in on the gratitude. You may surprise yourself.

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