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Weaving mindfulness throughout your day.

From the moment lay vour head on the pillow at the end of your day. you have the opportunity to engage mindfulness as a way of life.

However like most, when you awake your mind is usually already busy compiling to do lists and thinking about how you will accomplish everything.

When your at work you are alrcady thinking ahead of your next task rather than what is right in front of vou.

By choosing to become mindful throughout the day. you can bring more focus and appreciation to whatever situation you find ourself in.

Firstly as you open your eyes in the morning. instead of jumping out of bed and checking your phone, take a few moments to do a mindful check-in.

By starting the day with present moment awareness. you will set the day up for more calm and equanimity during challenging moments.

When you shower. notice if your mind is already thinking. planning and rehearsing for the day ahead.

When you become aware of this. gently bring your mind back to the moment smelling the aromas of soap. feeling the sensation of the water on your body. and listening to its sound.

As you go for a walk. try walking differently. more slowly. or take deep breaths when you take your steps. notice the sensation of walking in your feet and throughout your body.

Maybe try having a meal by yourself in silence. Eating more slowly and savouring the taste and texture.

Throughout your day , do mindful check ins. maybe set a reminder on your calender to be more present and mindful.

When you get home, take a moment before you walk through the door, noticing if your holding any tension, and if it is try to soften this by breathing them into awareness and just letting them be.

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