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Lisa Andrews Spiritual healer 

"Pammy has such a beautiful zest for life which is accompanied with a compassionate and gentle approach. l've had the pleasure of Pam being in my life for many years. Whenever I need clarity or someone who is going to listen without judgement, it is Pammy I call first. Pammy has the ability to bring calmness and clarity to any situation. I've had many ups and downs in life and she's my constant support. I'm incredibly lucky to have her in my life and I'm forever grateful for the love and laughter.”Lisa Mum and Business owner Spiritual healer and coach.

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Stephanie Russell Human Design coach 

"Pammy is such a passionate, kind hearted and gentle soul. Her warmth and love shines through in everything that she does. She is the very meaning of what it is to live a mindful life."

Steph Mum and Business ownerHuman design coach
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Liz fry Designer 

"Pammy is my best friend of 23 years (!). She is the kindest, most loyal person you will be lucky enough to know. She is a softie but also incredibly strong emotionally - like a teabag, only when you put her in hot water do you realise how strong she is. A gracious bundle of energy, that fiercely believes in the universe, positivity and mindfulness. Her keen ear and kind heart are always ready to listen to your troubles and offer insightful, unbiased advice with an added sprinkling of belly-laughs. I love her with all my heart and am so thankful she came into my life and continues to be an integral part of it.”Lizi Business owner

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"Pammy has a very caring loving a big personality that shines, she's never afraid to try new things and adventures, always willing to help if she can, Pammy loves to laugh and enjoys her life to the full whatever it is , and when your around her your life is richer ... and she loves tea and cake.”Jan HCA Mum and Nan

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"Pammy is such an easy person to talk toShe has an open mind and heart and instantly makes you feel at ease. She is one of the few people I find myself being able to dive straight into a deep conversation with, without fear of being judged. I always feel my vibration has been lifted after spending time with Pammy"Ellie Mum and Business owner

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"Pammy has a magnetic energy which draws you in. You want to be around her and in her company as that's where you experience laughter, craziness and a pure zest for life. A girl with a big heart which she wears on her sleeve and a girl who really knows how to care.”Michelle Mum and Professional

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"Pammy is a genuine, kind, open and honest person. She is never afraid to be authentic about the times when being a twin mum is challenging, and creates a space where it feels safe to talk about those difficult times, but also the rewarding and beautiful moments.”Akasha Student and Twin Mum

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