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Welcome to Seasoulmindfulness, where Pammy, mum to 5 year old twins, a registered Nurse, mindfulness and cold water therapy practitioner, offers her expertise to empower female founders to prioritise self-care and mindfulness. With her unique approach, Pammy guides you towards a more centred and fulfilling life.

Trust Seasoulmindfulness to be your partner in achieving your goals while maintaining a healthy-life balance.

Pammy is fully registered with the NMC and IPHM, and is a cardiac care nurse with the British heart Foundation, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

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"I began working with Pammy last year when I subscribed to her mindfulness course; Anchor, Align and Arise. Since then I have subscribed to  a number of offerings from her Practice."

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Find your Balance and calm

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" I cant believe how amazing you are, as someone who works in the spiritual field, meditation is something i practice daily. The meditations from seasoulmindfulness are simply wonderful. I have enjoyed powerful visulistations and find Pammys voice so relaxing. Pammy has lots of knowledge on mindfulness." 


" I joined the group Anchor, Align and Arise  June and I've been on a really enlightening Journey, and realised that there are no 'quick fixes' to the problems i had been facing. Pammy has shown me the path on how to get there and to give myself the grace and time to achieve it. Nothing worth having comes without working for it, and i feel so positive about making the changes in my life, everyday that can lead me towards a more content and self accepting life."


" I have been working with Pammy a while now through her support groups, mindfulness classes and guided meditations. I can honestly say she's had a huge impact on my day to day life with her guidance and knowledge. I would highly recommend trying Pammy's services, as well as getting involved in her groups and free content that she kindly gives."
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"WOW, that meditation was amazing! Thank you so so much. Your voice is so calming and my whole body relaxed, and hearing the music at the end healed my soul."


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